Jao Refresher

Jao Refresher

 There is no better way to stop the spread of germs than washing your hands with good old-fashioned soap and water. But if you take a lot of public transit, work with kids, work in health care, or you have a compromised immune system, then you probably also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag.

 Jao has a little spray hand sanitizer that I tried out this week, and I’ll tell you what I discovered: it’s hand sanitizer. So, mostly ethyl alcohol. It is not some magic herbal potion. But that’s a good thing because you know what eliminates germs? Ethyl alcohol. In that sense it’s the same hand sanitizer you get at the drug store.


What makes it different is that it smells waaaay nicer than the sanitizer you get at the drug store. Like, it smells really good. It also doesn’t instantly dry out your skin like the drugstore kind (which, if you have dry skin, and you use a lot of hand sanitizer you will be thankful for) this is because it also contains aloe, calendula, chamomile, and some nice essential oils.

 It also says you can use it as a zit zapper and after shave (makes sense: alcohol) and armpit refresher (also makes sense: smells nice). It would be a perfect multi-purpose product for travelling, but maybe not so good for use in places that are scent free zones (hospitals etc).

 It’s a nice alternative to regular hand sanitizer and good little product to have in your purse as you slog through the rest of this flu season.

 Fiona Curtis



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