Product Review: Active Infusion Oil

If you're scared of starting a retinoid, this oil is for you.

I have been plagued by a graveyard of past pimples (dark spots) around my mouth for years, and can't tell you how many times I've been recommended a retinol/retinoid. Why haven't I done it until now? Fear of the unknown. I have very sensitive skin, and all I could imagine was my skin breaking out worse than ever before, and leaving behind more mess than I started with. Probably an irrational fear, but nevertheless I haven't taken the leap, until now. 

Retinol/Retinoids and Vitamin C are two of the top ingredients for anti-aging and skin texture. With all retinoids however, use at nighttime and make sure you are using sufficient SPF during the day as it makes your skin far more sensitive to the sun.

I had only heard good things about this oil, and thanks to a lot of customers with sensitive skin saying it was amazing, I took it home and started it for myself. I knew it was a light retinoid and not intensely concentrated, but I still wanted to start very very slow by using it only 2-3 times a week. About a week later I noticed the usual (and good!) signs that the retinoid was at work with verryy light and basically unnoticeable peeling in certain areas. This lasted for about a week, and very quickly my skin had a shockingly noticeable difference.

To quote Josh Rosebrook, "this BHT-free Retinoid is a gentle, single conversion retinoic acid ester as it only requires one conversion versus the usual two required with retinol in order to be used by the skin and deliver the safe, well-studied results that retinoids have been proven to deliver."

Fast forward to now, my skin is brighter (thanks to the Vitamin C), more even toned, and my dark spots are far lighter. I've also noticed that my reoccurring deep pimples are basically non-existent, which is beyond welcomed. If you're looking for an entry level retinoid, this is the one for you.

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