Sisters Gentle Body Wash

Sisters gentle body wash


This is where I picture you using your new Sisters gentle body wash: in your claw foot tub surrounded by plants, a piece of old wood laid across the tub for holding your tea and your book, Joni Mitchell on the record player, kimono hanging on the hook on the door, smoking a joint as the sunlight shines through the steamy window.


That’s the vibe the Sisters logo is sending out into the world. That is the bath I want to take.


Did it work? After a week of use was I transported to a place where kids don’t barge in and dump all their toys in the tub, cats don’t decide to use the litter box right beside you, and you don’t drop your phone in the tub? No.


Did it smell nice, get me clean and not dry out my skin? Yes. Most definitely. Did every woman who came to my house admire it’s low-key packaging; their eyes lighting up with visions of hours long Laurel Canyon baths? Also yes.


Sisters is gently fragranced, (perfect for those with sensitive skin) lasts forever (a little goes a long way) and makes your bathroom look a little cooler than it actually is.  It is biodegradable, free of all the bad stuff and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. Also, 40% of all profits from Sisters products are donated to organizations that support women’s health.



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