Winter Evening Skincare Routine

As the season starts to shift towards colder, dryer air; here's a great evening routine we put together to keep your skin healthy and hydrated through the chill. 


This step is all about balance. Its great to exfoliate year round, but the winter months even more so. Keeping your pores free from excess buildup (aka dead skin cells) is going to save your skin from over-producing oil which can lead to irritation. 

The Resurface Scrub from Noto is a great option, as it contains powerful AHA's as well as the physical scrub element thanks to the walnut powder. We recommend using this once or twice a week, depending on your skin. All of your other cleansing should be done by a gentle, hydrating cleanser that isn't going to strip your skin or throw off your natural PH. We like the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser by Dr. Loretta


Tis the season for extra hydration when possible, and a toner or a hydrosol (see our blog post about the difference!) are going to give your skin that extra moisture, as well as help your following products absorb better. This really gets you the most benefits possible out of your products! We recommend the Hydrating Accelerator from Josh Rosebrook- it's really all in the name!


Serums and oils absorb quickly into the skin thanks to their small molecular structure, and their benefits are plentiful. Choosing one that is going to give you proper nourishment is key! We're loving the Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar by Ere Perez. It's full of healthy omegas, and is wonderfully soothing for stressed out skin. Contrary to most oils, this oil works best put before your moisturizer given its teeny tiny molecules. 


As your skin craves deep hydration in the dry winter air, keeping a richer cream in rotation is going to keep everything balanced. Whether you're using it every night or every other night, a moisturizer is going to lock in your serum/oil and make sure everything is soaked in. We looove the formulation of the Multi Cream by Cle Cosmetics, with is revitalizing palo santo extract and uber-hydrating shea butter. 


The Lip Wrap Hydrating Mask from Ilia is a must in winter (and honestly, year round). Not your average lip balm, it has hyaluronic acid and papaya enzymes to prevent and treat dry, cracked, and chapped lips. 


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