Why We Can't Stop Recommending Ingredient®

It's no secret we love Ingredients® here at the shoppe. It's a brand we regularly recommend to those of you searching for a simple, uncomplicated regimen. A brand that works for all skin types, tones, and ages, believes in full and complete transparency, and has ingredients we know and love with none of the unnecessary "fluff" so often found in beauty products today. The quality of what they put in their products is unparalleled, with higher concentrations to ensure you're getting the biggest gain.  

There's a widely believed idea that the more ingredients in a product, the more potential benefits you're receiving. That is simply just not the case. Your skin is like a sponge, why would you want to soak up what isn't going to serve you?

It's as simple as this: overcomplicating leads to in-balance. 

It's a brand that has no shortage of experience. Myriam Zaoui Malka, is the cofounder of Ingredients® and has 25 years of experience in holistic health and personal care brand development. They know their facts and the science behind wellness, and create from there. Every day, women expose themselves to an average of 168 chemical ingredients, and men to an average of 85. Ingredients® was built from the knowledge of the exploitation the beauty industry and the brands that use it to their advantage, even the ones that label themselves as "clean". It's about shrinking that stat down, staying honest, and helping us live healthier lives.  

"Ingredients® skin essentials were developed with the skin microbiome in mind using only organic, plant-based ingredients to infuse the skin with supportive vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants—the essential building blocks of health.

Their products allow your skin to behave organically without stripping the natural fungi and bacteria that is necessary for its health. Instead, they utilize plant probiotics to aid the grown of good bacteria and suppress what is going to compromise your skins natural pH. 


Any brand that wholeheartedly embraces transparency gets a big thumbs up from us. It builds an open and honest relationship, and legitimizes the (incredible) products and their effectiveness.  


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