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Dry Brush - dry or wet body brush


Bath brush comprised of oil-treated oak and horse hair. Horse hair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable whilst being durable and has a certain elasticity to allow the bristles to move freely. 

Dimensions: L 16cm x W 6cm x H 4cm 

How to use:  Lather skin with your favourite soap and gently buff in circular motions. Rinse and reveal soft, smooth skin! 

or use for dry brushing:


You can dry body brush anytime of the day before bathing. First thing in the morning is especially invigorating, giving you a boost of energy for the day ahead. If you are brushing in the evening you can use a more gentle, methodical stroke; which will help calm the system and can result into beautiful meditative self-care ritual.



Take three to five minutes for this wonderful practice. Begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving in long sweeping motions toward your heart as this moves with the flow of the lymphatic system. Use firm, small strokes upwards, several times in each area: 

•   Begin sweeping your feet, starting with the soles of your feet as this area has many little nerve endings that need to be stimulated

•   Continue brushing up your legs and groin area

•   Proceed to your hands moving up your arms. Move to your armpits as there are many lymph nodes here and it will get any toxins and stagnant energy moving. 

•   From your neck stroke down towards your heart

•   Use circular clockwise strokes on your abdomen - this follows the path of your colon and helps stimulate elimination.

•   Brush upwards from your buttocks, lower back and down from your neck

Please be sure to avoid areas that have an open wound, varicose veins, sun burn or rashes. 



Use light pressure on areas where the skin is softer and more pressure on those harder areas. Take care of the more sensitive areas of the body such as your chest, breasts and stomach. A slight pinkish colour may occur at first on your skin due to increased blood circulation. This is normal and shows that your skin brushing is working. Over time your body adjusts and it starts to crave the sensation.



After you have brushed your entire body take a cool shower, I like to alternate between hot and cold to keep stimulating blood circulation.

After you have dried off use an organic sweet almond, sesame or coconut oil on you skin with an invigorating essential oil blend to keep you uplifted and your body glowing


 Dry Body Brushing promotes healthy, glowing skin and aids lymphatic drainage.Dry body brushing the skin helps stimulate the normal lymph flow and increases blood circulation within the body, helping the body to detoxify itself naturally.


Cellulite can be frustrating for individuals who attempt to remove it. Waking up the lymphatic system by dry body brushing will help reduce excess fluid, bacteria, and cell waste which results in smoother, brighter skin.

Used regularly, dry body brushing can be used as a natural cellulite treatment. This along with a healthy, well balanced diet and moving your body daily through exercise and yoga is an ideal match to reduce cellulite.


Dry body brushing is a powerful detoxification aid. The skin is our largest eliminative organ in our body. Dry body brushing is major player in the detox process as it stimulates your lymphatic system and helps it to release toxins.

Adding dry body brushing to any kind of juice cleanse or fast will help speed up the detoxification process. Many detox programs and experts across the world have been using this age old practice for many years and have supported its method.


Dry brushing supports lymph flow, which is essential to immune function. The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. If the lymphatic system is congested, it can lead to a build-up of toxins, causing inflammation and illness.


Dry body brushing will give your skin a brighter, tighter, and more radiant look by increasing the flow of blood to your skin's outer layers. Like any exfoliator, it sloughs away dead, dry surface cells. It removes the dead skin layer and allows the body to breathe, leaving you with smooth and even-toned skin in no time.

To further the glow and invigoration, we love to use a natural plant based oil such as organic coconut oil with essential oils after bathing.


You will crave the sensation! Many people start dry brushing for the health benefits but end up continuing because it makes them feel good. If you are feeling sluggish, a few minutes of dry body brushing is an excellent way to wake up and rejuvenate in the morning.


Dry body brushing helps to balance the autonomic nervous system, which supports adrenal function by reducing stress. When you have relaxing, soothing, tactile input that’s stimulating the nerves in the right way, it calms your brain.

Taking five minutes to dry body brush in a meditative way using your breath can help you feel more grounded and connected. Re-establishing this connection with yourself daily can be extremely powerful. This simple, all natural practice is the perfect way to start your day, or calm your soul in the evening.


A small amount of pure, all-natural, chemical-free soap, castile soap is our favourite.

  2/   A few drops of organic essential oils such as tea tree oil - for its natural antibacterial properties. Or, Lavender - for its disinfectant qualities, blood circulation and its particularly pleasant aroma.


Simply add the castile soap and your preferred essential oils in a small bowl filled with water - ensuring the water line is slightly lower than the bristles are. It is essential to keep the walnut wood dry to maintain the integrity of the brush.

Gently swirl the bristles around a few times, shake off any excess water and leave to dry in a open aired space with bristles facing down. Ensure the entire brush is dry before using.

The Body Brush is made from all natural sisal bristles from the agave plant and you may find it develops an earthy scent. We love this natural tone!

A few tips:   

  •              Shake or tap your brush over a bin to release any dead skin.
  •             Although we love sharing, keep your brush your own.
  •             Keep your brush in a dry place, away from moisture.
  •             Wash your brush once a week.


Brush Care: Allow the brush to dry standing on the horsehair so that the water is transported away from the wood that is more sensitive to moisture. 

About Iris Hantverk: In the late 1900s century a small brush manufacturing started out in Stockholm. It was a successful movement so successful that it remains today. Now, as then, every brush is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen. It brings new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand.

All brushes made mostly from natural materials.

The goal of Iris Hantverk is to revive the traditional brush binding profession. By making functional products, well designed products combined with the quality of natural materials and the craftsmen's solid technique.


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