The Personalized Lux Facial - 90 min

$148.00 USD

Our most popular treatment for a reason. This 90 minute offering allows for deep relaxation and a total skin reset. 

Our aestheticians will incorporate deep cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions (as needed), facial steaming, stimulating Gua Sha massage and nourishing masks along with a dreamy shoulder, neck arm and hand massage to send you into deep relaxation. 

As with all of our facials, your aesthetician will hand-pick clean, effective, luxury products that support your skin's unique needs, in-line with your personal skin goals. 

You may choose to add on one of these to complete your treatment :

Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound treatment, Scalp + Hair Treatment, Brow Shaping, Brow or Lash Tint. Use the drop down menu to select your desired add-on. 

-Calming scalp and hair treatment to nourish your scalp and support a healthy environment for hair growth. 

Beginning with a head massage, helping to relieve pressure and tension often stored in the head and neck. A few drops of botanical-rich, lightweight hair oil will then be applied to help promote healthy hair, improving quality strand by strand whilst a scalp stimulating Gua Sha Comb massage will invigorate, also encouraging healthy hair growth and aiding in lymphatic drainage. 

Extending your treatment time by 20 minutes and ensuring true head-to-toe relaxation. After the treatment, you may keep the hair oil in for as long as you like to reap the benefits or you can head straight home and wash out. The choice is yours. 

-Microdermabrasion - A safe and effective minimally invasive method for deep exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types.  Extremely fine crystal buffs away the outer layers of skin without causing any damage. Since microdermabrasion requires no incisions or anesthesia, there's no risk for scarring or infection. Effective for overall skin tone, texture and pigmentation. 

-Ultrasound Treatment -Emitting high-frequency sonic waves, Ultrasound works to stimulate the skin tissue, promoting collagen production and repairing skin. Smoothing and soothing, this makes for a great pre-event add on. 

- Brow Shaping + Tinting along and Lash Tinting -We shape eyebrows with hot wax so for this reason, we don't suggest this service for anyone with an allergy to wax or extremely sensitive or thin skin. 

*Select your desired add-on from the drop down menu, if you have more treatments you want to add to your service, go to the product page, find a corresponding time and add to cart. 

Tip included in all spa service prices. 

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Tips are included in the price of the service

• Please note as of Monday, November 1st proof of vaccination and photo ID will be required for all spa treatments

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