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Article: Let's Talk: Sexual Wellness

Let's Talk: Sexual Wellness

Let's Talk: Sexual Wellness

Eva Goicochea, founder and CEO of Maude has made it her mission to share the power of sexual wellness through her quality-designed, minimalistic and inclusive products that are built for modern intimacy, redefining the landscape of pleasure.  

The often confusing, transactional and uncomfortable world of pleasure has long been monopolized by companies trying to put sexual health and wellness into a one-size-fits-all box and on the other end of the spectrum, exists hyper-feminine, trend focused brands that often fail in inclusivity.

What we know, is that sex is an important part of everyday personal health for all people but it is often looked at through either a clinical or taboo lens which discourages discussions, fosters shame and embarrassment and leaves little room for genuine pleasure. 

Maude seeks to empower everybody in their choices; offering safe, easy-to-use, thoughtfully designed sexual wellness tools that destigmatize sex and encourage the industry to be included as a more visable part of hollistic mental and physical health. 

Let's dive a little deeper into a couple of products from our Maude collection...




The Vibe + Shine combines the best-selling, soft-touch external vibe with a travel sized shine organic lubricant for pleasure on the go. 

The 100% platinum-grade silicone Vibe is as discreet as they come. 3 speed-settings, water-resistant + latex-free plus everything comes housed in a cute, canvas travel pouch to store your essentials when not in use. 

The Shine Organic Lubricant enhances pleasure by supplemening natural moisture and relieving dryness. Ultra gentle, hydrating and free from fragrance, glycerin and parabens, the vegan and ph-balancing formula can be used however and whenever needed.

We love the travel-friendly aspect of this duo, providing us with the ability to prioritize our needs in the comfort of our home or further afield. 



In collaboration with ASYSTEM, Maude has crafted a cocktail of clinically proven botanicals, adaptogens and ingredients into an all-natural passion fruit flavoured daily supplement to support female sex-drive, increasing libido and enhancing sexual desire. 

Many women suffer from a low libido that can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, hormonal changes, mood disorders and autoimmune diseases. 

By helping to alleviate stress, boost blood-flow and help with testosterone production, the supplements encourage your body to build gradual sexual desire and confidence, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. 

For those with allergies or sensitivities, rest-assured these dummies are low in sugar, gelatin and gluten-free as well as vegan and hormone/steroid free. 

The 1-month supply (32 gummies) comes housed in an easy-to-open refillable tin and fully recyclable insert tray. 


Our Maude collection expands beyond the products we mentioned here but we wanted to give them a little more air time as we often get questions about them. We carry a wide variety of wellness products that go beyond top-to-toe skincare so feel free to jump into our DM's, emails or give us a call if you have questions. 



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