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Article: Let's Talk: Some Skincare Truths

Let's Talk: Some Skincare Truths

Let's Talk: Some Skincare Truths





When caring for our skin, we'll have to adapt and alter our routine to meet it's needs through inevitable changes. The nature of beauty is that some things will work for us and some won't. 

We should always try to consider the possibility that whilst a product may be incompatible with our skin type or routine, it doesn't necessarily make it a "bad product". We each have different needs and goals that are largely dependent on our unique skin type, lifestyle, age and genetics so what works for us may not work for our friends and vice versa. 

Ultimately, we don't know how product is going to interact with our skin until we try it out but having knowledge of your unique skin type and needs will help increase the chances of finding something that truly does work. 



When considering a product, take the opinions and reviews of others with a grain of salt. Seek out facts and information but avoid getting too caught up in others' personal experience's.  

Get confident with your skin type and needs and let that guide you instead. Once you have that knowledge, it should make your process easier.

Let professionals and experts weigh in to get you on the right path if need be! This might be a dermatologist, esthetician or any other skincare expert you trust. 




With skincare, instant-results that last are rare and it can often take weeks or months for a product to make a real impact. This will depend on the ingredients, of course, but generally you will need to use a product for at least one skin renewal cycle (this varies depending on age and can range from roughly 28-84 days). 

So often, we forget that our skin is an organ, it is constantly working to provide a protective barrier, regulate temperature and regenerate in addition to many other essential functions. 

The best thing we can do is be consistent when introducing something new to our skin, always incorporate into your routine slowly (especially with active ingredients) and be patient with the results you are hoping to see. 

Don't give up on your products before they've had a chance to truly work! 





Some of the most common skin issues can be attributed to the incorrect use or dosage of a product. 

First off, make sure you know exactly what you are using and if there are any ingredients you should avoid applying along with it. 

Let this be your friendly reminder to always read the packaging to understand how to best incorporate products into your existing routine, avoid irritation and maximize the benefits!







One thing we know to be true is that our skin will go through many changes in our lifetime. It is a living organ after all. 

There are aspects of life relating to skin that we can control (to some degree) like diet and lifestyle and some we can't, genetics and aging. 

Our skin concerns will naturally shift too and learning to go along with the ebbs and flows of our skincare journey can be really liberating even if at times, it feels hard. 

We're all just trying our best and there is no perfect way to care for your skin so try not to get overwhelmed by information or disheartened if you feel like you're not doing enough. 



Harmful ingredients exist whether produced in a lab or grown naturally. All-natural doesn't necessarily mean a product is "better". When shopping for products, it's a good idea to take stock of your personal values and skincare needs to help you make choices that are in alignment with them. 

Just because something you're using isn't 100% natural, it doesn't mean to say that it's "bad" or "toxic". 

The "clean beauty movement" has been positive in highlighting transparency and getting us to think about what's actually in our products but it has also had some part to play in demonizing ingredients and causing confusion on what's best for our skin. 

Ultimately, it's your decision to choose what is right for you and your lifestyle! 







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