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Article: 3 tips to level-up your oral health

coco floss

3 tips to level-up your oral health

Hands up if your dentist has ever told you to floss more? Us too. We'll be honest, shopping for oral care has never felt like anything for us to get excited about.

Most of us find it hard to create habits when it comes to our mouth health and as a result, our routines end up being nothing but the bare minimum. But, we've sourced some really effective, conscious and clean brands that make products that you want to reach for on the daily. 

In addition to brushing, there are a few key steps you can easily add into your routine, morning and night, to ensure you're taking care of your teeth and gums, preventing any future problems and getting an A+ from your dentist each visit. 





Cocofloss Trio


Seems obvious but the majority of us don't floss enough. This is where Cocofloss comes in. Founded by dentist Chrystle Cu with the mission to motivate people to floss regularly to avoid preventable tooth and gum decay. Cocofloss was designed to be fun, environmentally sustainable and effective for everyone in the family. 


Cocofloss, $13 








As with all of these suggestions, consistency is key. An everyday ritual, Tongue Scraping every morning upon waking, before brushing your teeth, is a great way to remove accumulated plaque and bacteria, kickstart your digestive system, prevent bad breath and maintain all-round oral hygiene. 


Tongue Scraper, $12








Healthy gums are vital to our overall health but often overlooked as part of our daily routine. To avoid plaque build-up, gingivitis and inflammation of the gums we can brush twice a day, floss once and even look at adding in something like the Happy Gum Drops Serum from Living Libations to go that extra mile and take care of our oral health before we're forced to address it in the dentist's chair later down the line. 


- Happy Gum Drops, $30 


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