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Article: Order Of Things: Skincare

Order Of Things: Skincare

Order Of Things: Skincare

Layering skincare properly matters whether you have a two or ten step regime. The aim is to allow each step of your routine to have direct contact with your skin so they can each do their job most effectively, allowing us to receive the full spectrum of benefits. 

Have you ever splurged on a costly serum and found that It didn't work as well as you'd hoped? It could be down to how and when it was applied. 

Generally speaking, we want to apply products thinnest to thickest in texture, lighter products are able to absorb faster and into the deepest layers of skin whereas richer, occlusive creams, balms and oils should be saved until last as they will provide a protective barrier over the top layers of skin. 

The guide below is a basic routine, products will vary depending on your unique skin needs and assessing what these are the first step in creating an effective routine. Whatever you use, the order of application remains the same. Just skip over the steps you don't do. 








Cleanser: Morning or night, cleansing will always be your first step. Opinions on morning cleansing varies but the advice I would give is to take stock of how your skin feels when you first wake up. Most mornings, (provided you thoroughly cleansed the night before!) splashing your face with water and patting until damp should suffice but, feel free to wash with a gentle cleanser if it feels good on your skin. The important thing is to not over-wash and strip your skin of natural oils. 


Toner/ Hydrosol/ Mist: Skin should feel fresh and clean before applying Toner or a mist, whichever morning cleanse route you decided to take. Whilst this isn't a totally necessary step, it is beneficial in providing a thin layer of hydration to prep skin for the next step and many serums actually absorb better when applied to damp skin. 

It's also nice to have a toner or mist on hand to spritz throughout the day, acting as a makeup-refresher and boost of hydration. 


Treatment: Serums are able to absorb into the deepest layers of skin and are a great area to invest in, due to their potent concentration of actives or good-for-skin botanicals, they are typically the best way to tackle specific skin concerns (such as aging, blemishes, dullness, dryness etc). 


Eye Cream: If using an eye cream, this is a good time to apply. The eye area is much more delicate than the rest of the skin on the face/neck so be sure to use a light hand and tap gently around the orbital bone.


Moisturizer:  An essential step for every. single. skin type. The primary job of moisturizer is to balance, hydrate and plump your skin. You can take the opportunity to further treat your skin at this point too by looking for ingredients that match that of your serum. Boosting the efficacy of both products and keeping skin healthy and happy. Be sure not to skip this vital step!


SPF: Spf should always be the last skin prep-step. It can be incorporated on top of your moisturizer or maybe it's in your tinted moisturizer or foundation, either way, just make sure you're protected - rain or shine!





Cleanser: Wash away the day! In the evening, we want to to remove dirt, makeup, debris and oils without stripping the skin. If you're a makeup wearer, I'd suggest a double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove the makeup and the second will cleanse the skin. Try an oil cleanser followed by a gentle gel or milk cleanser to maintain a healthy moisture barrier and avoid over stripping the natural oils. 


Toner/ Hydrosol/ Mist + Exfoliation: Remember the toner from the AM routine? This can be used here to prep the skin for serums in the same way. Typically, nighttime a good time to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells making way for fresh, smooth skin. This can be done daily or a few times a week depending on the product you're using. 


Treatment: A Nighttime serum may differ from your morning one depending on what you are looking to treat but as your skin is doing the most reparation at night, it's a good time to incorporate ingredients like retinol (vitamin A) that speed up the cell-turnover process and boost collagen. Meaning that whilst you sleep, your skincare does some serious work!

To supercharge your routine, you may want to incorporate a mask a couple of times a week (before serums) to further target areas of concern.


Eye Cream: From a personal standpoint, I feel that eye-creams contribute to morning puffiness so I tend to only use in the AM but this is personal choice!


Moisturizer: Keep it simple and use the same moisturizer morning and night or swtich it up. As mentioned, our skin does the most regeneration at night and so many night-specific creams target anti-aging and tend to be richer in order to sink into skin as you sleep. It's a good idea to take stock of how your skin looks and feels and adjust your moisturizer accordingly. You may feel called to change moisturizers with the seasons and don't forget that our skin is constantly changing so it's not a one-size-fits-all approach, be flexible and change it up as needed!


Oils: Often misplaced in our routines, oils can be hugely beneficial to our skin as they treat the tops layers of our skin which are obviously most visable to us. They are great for protecting our all important moisture barrier whilst strengthening our skin. It's important that they go on last in any routine (regardless of the product name) as once oil is applied, no water-based product (serum, moistruizer etc) can penetrate it. Therefore, any product placed on top of an oil could be wasted. 




Don't forget that we offer Skincare Consultations at the shoppe where we can guide you towards the most beneficial routine for your unique skin needs and answer any lingering questions you may have! 

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