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Article: Let's Talk: The Benefits Of Oil Cleansing

Let's Talk: The Benefits Of Oil Cleansing

Let's Talk: The Benefits Of Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansers can be a great option for effectively removing everything you don't want on your skin without stripping everything you do want.

The reason why they might just be a superstar addition to your routine is their ability to gently break down dirt, debris, makeup and even sunscreen, melting away impurities deep in the epidermis whilst nourishing the skin with antioxidant-rich oils and botanicals for balanced, clean skin that doesn't feel tight or irritated. 

It doesn't seem that long ago that Oil (whether natural skin oils or Oil based products) was demonized in the beauty industry. Many believed Oils to be categorically "bad" for our skin due to the association with acne and the messaging around that belief but, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Thankfully, we're more educated and skin-literate now, recognizing oils for their many benefits!
In the simplest terms, Oil cancels Oil which is why Oil cleansers can be a great way to re-calibrate the skin by helping to avoid an over-production. 
In the same way that Oil cleansers can control an over-production of Oil, they also help to control a lack of Oil which results in dry skin. If you have dry or mature skin you may find that switching to an Oil cleanser helps to boost moisture and radiance!
Oil cleansers work by dissolving excess sebum, makeup, dirt and debris and provide a cleanse that is deep yet gentle; helping to de-clog pores whilst infusing skin with vital nourishment.



We have a range of Oil cleansers, all intricate blends that harness the power of each plant oil and combine them with high-quality essential oils to tackle various skin concerns. If you know you have sensitivities, you may want to avoid certain oils. If possible, come in and do a quick patch test on your jawline and leave on for a few hours, keeping an eye on any signs of irritation! 

Here are just a few of our favourites:


Dry/ Sensitive skin: 

Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser 

Antioxidant rich balm-like oil cleanser that emulsifies into a nourishing milk, suitable for combination, dry and sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft, and luminous. The natural antimicrobial properties of geranium oil combined with the nutrients of avocado, olive and grapeseed oils work to brighten, tone, and improve elasticity and if you struggle with breakouts, rest assured, this cleanser will keep those at bay. 



Mature Skin 


Josh Rosebrook Essential Balm Cleanse 

Rich and nutrient dense to infuse skin with vitality and preserve the natural Acid-mantle barrier. Plant oils, blue-green algae, chlorella, and potent herbal extracts work to nourish, calm and soothe skin.

Works well with all-skin types but mature skin might find this one extra moisture- boosting. 


Combination/ Acne Prone


Monastery Sage Cleansing Oil 

Invigorating and luxurious, sensorial cleansing experience. A potent antibacterial blend of sage, hinoki, cypress and greek coriander oil to balance sebum production without disrupting the skin's natural protective oils. 

Detoxify with the highest-quality, pure ingredients.



F.Miller Cleansing Oil 

Our favourite all-rounder. Helping to purify, brighten and restore skin back to it's happiest state. A silky blend of botanicals that come together to create a gentle, daily cleanser that  transforms from oil to milk as water is introduced, effortlessly dissolving pore-clogging debris and impurities and leaving skin softsupple and supported.  The phytonutrient-rich formula deeply purifies while soothing sensitive skin and inflammation, restoring skin's natural barrier. 




Some may benefit from double-cleansing the skin. 

Double-cleansing has been a staple in many Korean beauty routines for many years but has become popular in North America of late, proving to be valuable in improving the health and appearance of skin. 

Let's be clear, it isn't just washing your face twice; this is the process of using either an Oil-based cleanser or makeup remover (Micellar Water) to dissolve dirt, makeup, excess sebum and even sunscreen then following up with a gentle cleanser to clean the skin underneath, taking care of things like pollutants and left-over debris. 



- Always opt for an Oil-based cleanser as your first step.

- Make sure your second cleanse is gentle and not-stripping the skin. Look for hydrating, balancing cream or gel washes with low-foam and avoid formulas with active ingredients like exfoliating acids. We recommend The Wash or Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

- Spend at least 30 seconds on each cleansing step to really reap the benefits. 

- Take extra care around the nose, jawline and around the eyebrows or any areas  prone to congestion. 



If you have combination/ oily skin or wear makeup/ sunscreen daily, double-cleansing once in the evening is most probably a good idea! 

Maybe you're an occasional makeup wearer, in this case, try double-cleansing on those days to keep your skin soft and balanced. If not, you might find that going straight in with a gentle, balancing cleanser does the trick for you especially if you are not prone to breakouts or oiliness.

Those with Rosacea, Eczema, or extremely sensitive skin can benefit from double-cleansing but will just need to find the right formulas that calm the skin. Some extreme skin-issues may be better suited to a single, gentle cleanse. 

Washing your face twice a day is totally up to you, but double-cleansing is definitely only necessary once (if at all) in the evening!  

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