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Simplified Trio

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Taking the hard work out of routine-building. This one is for all of those who are looking for a simplified routine, a starting point that focuses on maintaining the skin you're in and lays the foundation for balanced, healthy skin.

Featuring 3 full-size products hand-picked from our Core 5 Collection that support healthy hydration levels, soften and infuse skin  with vitamins and minerals from the plant-powerhouse that is seaweed extract. 

The first step is to use the Wash to gently cleanse off any dirt, makeup or debris, follow up with the hydrating and reparative Serum whilst skin is still damp and generously spritz the Mist, gently patting the oils into your skin to seal in moisture. Take a deep breath and allow everything to sink in, revealing radiant skin. 

A saving of 20% with this trio versus buying the products separately!

*Due to the 100% natural ingredients products may vary in look & consistency from batch to batch.

 What's Included?

 The Wash - Formulated for the most sensitive skin, The Wash gently and deeplycleanses away impurities, dirt, oil and makeup whilst hydrating and balancing.  Never disrupting the skin's microbiome. Infused with Calendula and Rosehip Oil to soothe stressed skin, Glycerin to replenish hydration levels and a grounding Chamomileand Ginger scent, this gel cleanser can be used daily to wash away the day, revealing soft and calm skin. 120ml


The Serum -

Supercharged with 10% Niacinamide, known for its rebalancing and reparative properties that work to reduce redness, even out skin tone and improve texture whilst Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisturepromoting plump, dewy skin.   Seaweed Extract contains many antioxidants in the form of certain vitamins (A, C, and E) and protective pigments, but does add a slight nori or seaweed scent, don’t worry, it dissipates quickly and leaves no lasting scent. 50ml 


The Mist-  The Mist combines the powerful vitamins and minerals from one of nature’s most abundant and beneficial marine plants, Seaweed, that works to heal skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles with a soothing blend of lightweight oils and botanicals to soften, protectand nourish with each spritz.  

Carrot Seed, Almond and Vitamin E oils boost radiance and moisturewhilst soothing hydrosols Aloe and Rose combat redness and irritation in this multi-tasking Bi-Phase mist that maintains skin’s balance and instantly refreshes. 100ml


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Simplified Trio Sale price$115.00 CAD