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Magnesium Oil & Aloe Vera Spray

Sale price$45.00 CAD

Magnesium Oil & Aloe Vera Spray - 100 Ml by SISUU 

Pristine magnesium oil plus organic aloe, may help soothe skin and calm muscles and joints. Two powerful ingredients from nature in one convenient spray

Dissolve the day with Sisuu’s Rest & Recovery spray and let the power of nature guide you to deeper sleeps, blissful dreams and revitalised muscles.

A particularly potent recovery blend with 50% magnesium concentration to help you show up for tomorrow’s adventures feeling fresh as sea breeze at sunrise.

As lovers of the sun and sea, we felt it only natural to combine the restorative powers of Pure Magnesium Chloride sourced from salty seabeds with anti-inflammatory Organic Aloe Vera to soothe both mind and muscles at the end of a big day.

Absorb the power of nature so you can get back into it!



About the brand:

SISUU is an Australian made and based brand that provides natural remedies, rituals and techniques, so that you can feel stronger and move in nature for longer. They use the highest of quality ingredients, aim to minimise use of single use plastic, donate 10% of profits to seaweed restoration and seek to be source of inspiration for new research in the wellness space.