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True Blue Spirulina Shampoo

Sale price$44.00 CAD

Living Libations True Blue Spirulina shampoo is a potent, plant-based powerhouse that naturally cleanses hair from root to tip. With organic botanicals that help to curb split ends, dry scalps, fly-aways and product build-up leaving all hair types  shiny, healthy and balanced. 

This transforming treat for tired, dull hair is infused with a tremendous trifecta of azulene-containing essential oils: Blue Tansy, Yarrow and German Chamomile. 

Suitable for all hair types, including colour-treated. 


How to use: Massage into wet hair whilst in the shower, concentrating on the roots and slowly working through to the ends. 

Ingredients: Coco-Protein - Cocos nucifera, Aloe Vera - Aloe barbadensis, Yucca - Yucca elata, Bladderwrack Seaweed - Fucus vesiculosus, Spirulina - Arthrospira platensis, Oatstraw - Avena sativa, Blue Tansy - Tanacetum annuum, Yarrow - Achillea millefolium, German Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla, Frankincense - Boswellia carterii, Blood Orange - Citrus aurantium, Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides, Lemon - Citrus limon, Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia, Bergamot - Citrus bergamia, Sage + Rosemary - Salvia officinalis + Rosmarinus officinalis



Living Libations Shampoo True Blue Spirulina Shampoo sunja link - canada
True Blue Spirulina Shampoo Sale price$44.00 CAD