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Jade Scalp & Hair Comb

Sale price$40.00 CAD

Circulation-boosting Scalp & Hair Comb made from pure Jade stone. 

Intended to massage the scalp and neck, rejuvenating the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth, increase blood-flow and stimulate meridians for deep relaxation. Whilst releasing any tension carried in the head and neck, the stone is also a great tool to use when using hair oils/ serums pre-wash, helping the products to reach deeper into the hair follicles. 

Jade is known for carrying a gentle + healing energy,  and is considered a symbol of grace, longevity + grace.

How to use:

Applying gentle pressure, start by gently massaging any pressure points with the rounded end of the comb. Then, comb through hair from front to back, extending down the neck, passing over each section 3-5 times or as many as you have time for. The comb should glide over the scalp, not pull. 

Can also be used by applying a few drops of a hair serum or oil (we use Hinu Hair Growth Oil!) to the roots of the hair and massaging through. 

Composition: 100% Green Jade Stone 

Sunja Link Comb Jade Scalp & Hair Comb sunja link - canada
Jade Scalp & Hair Comb Sale price$40.00 CAD