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visit us at 3761 - 3763 main street vancouver bc


Founded in 2015, Henné's vision was to introduce a splash of ecoluxury into the everyday. A modern & minimalistic approach to replace standard lip care products with something extraordinary. “Henné”, which means “her” in Swedish, is a dedication to the modern woman while also paying homage to the brand’s Swedish roots. Lovingly handcrafted in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Henne Lipstick Intrigue Nourishing Lip Tint sunja link - canadaHenne Lipstick Nourishing Lip Tint sunja link - canada
Nourishing Lip Tint Sale price$21.00 USD
Henne Lipstick Lip Serum sunja link - canadaHenne Lipstick Lip Serum sunja link - canada
Lip Serum Sale price$44.00 USD