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Flamingo Estate is a reminder that beauty is not so much the penchant of certain people for exceptional things, as it is their refusal to stand for anything less.
In the early 1940s, a determined pair of young renegades arrived in California to realize their vision of an earthly paradise. High atop the hills of Los Angeles, hidden by a lush orchard and dense gardens, the flamingo-pink estate became a hedonistic enclave of sun-worship, folk mythologies, and psychedelic remedies — a secret haven for wild alchemy in the City of Angels.

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Flamingo Estate Body wash Body Wash - Garden Essentials sunja link - canadaFlamingo Estate Body wash Body Wash - Garden Essentials sunja link - canada
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Body Lotion - Garden EssentialsBody Lotion - Garden Essentials
Roma Heirloom Tomato Hand SoapRoma Heirloom Tomato Hand Soap