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Gua Sha Mushroom Massage Tool - Set of Two

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Handcrafted facial massager tool set in Rose Quartz or Jade made specifically for the delicate eye area. Soothe, massage and de-puff with the ergonomically designed "mushroom" stones. With consistent use, results include diminished fine-lines and wrinkles, toned and bright under-eyes

This tool can be used along with your favourite Eye Cream or our Noto Reusable Eye Masks to help your skin care products sink into the deeper layers of skin, boosting their efficacy

Jade is a symbol of grace, beauty and health in Chinese culture. It is also known to balance your Qi energy, creating inner-peace and harmony. This makes it the perfect in the morning for the Qi energy works to revitalize your skin which helps you stay fresh and energized all day long.

Rose Quartz is well-known for being a grounding stone, promoting self-love and inviting warmth into your life. 

Comes in sets of two. 

*please note due to the natural variations, each set of stones will differ slightly in colour from the ones photographed. 


How to use: 

Apply an eye cream or serum to provide "slip" and begin massaging the stones around the orbital bone, just underneath the eyes. From the inner corner to the outer and repeating. The stones can also be used in between the brows and above the eye. There are lot's of helpful YouTube videos for reference!


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Gua Sha Mushroom Massage Tool - Set of Two Sale price$34.00 USD