Gua Sha Facial Tool Review

Let me ask you a question: how disciplined are you? Do you floss every night?  Do you plan your meals each week?  Do you wake up early to get a little writing done before the kids get up? Me neither. So I’ll tell you right off the bat that the Lanshin gua sha tool is not for everyone. It is lovely and soothing and when I use it I feel very good about myself. But the key here is the “when” part. This is not a skin care tool for lazy folks hoping to see easy results (me); this is a skin care tool for the dedicated self-care enthusiast.


For the first week, I used the gua sha every night before bed. It felt like a cooling massage. My skin turned pink as the blood rushed to the surface and my muscles relaxed and smoothed. When I was finished I looked great.Then I went on vacation, and the busy days and bottles of wine meant that my disciplined best self went out the window, and I used it half-heartedly on a handful of occasions. Then I came home and I was tired from vacation! And busy, and and and…. you see where this is going. I used it only sporadically for the next couple of weeks. Each time I did, I promised myself I would be good and use it every night, each time I loved how it felt but each time I realized that this maybe wasn’t the skin care tool for me.


But! I think you could use this three times a week and see positive results (that’s only if you are not also drinking wine, eating bagels, falling asleep with your make-up on, feeling depressed etc.). If you use this every night (and I’m going to guess if you have that kind of discipline you also exercise regularly, drink eight glasses of water a day, go to yoga and only drink wine on weekends) then you are going to see awesome results and I am definitely a little bit resentful.  But, it’s okay, we can still be friends. You can be my toned, organized, clear skinned friend who gets a little gua sha for Christmas.

Fiona Curtis


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