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Article: House Line: How we're using them

House Line: How we're using them

House Line: How we're using them

We get lots of questions on our house line products. It was important for us to create products that not only work well together but can stand on their own too. 

We want you to pick and choose the products that suit your skin. Some may benefit from using the Core 5 while others may just need one or two products to complete their existing line-up. Each and every one of us has unique skin type's and concerns that will change so try to listen to what your skin needs in any moment. 

With this in mind, here's our favourite (maybe lesser known?) ways to use some of our house line products. 


Honestly, there isn't a bad time to use this product but we've been particularly enjoying it pre-serum. Since The Serum works best on damp skin, misting this over face a neck and gently patting into skin before helps to soothe, soften and prep skin to receive that healthy dose of hydration. 

We also love this as an afternoon skin-refresher to wake up tired skin or reset makeup! 

I keep a bottle by the bath tub and spritz on my way out of the tub, so I don't have to worry about my skin drying out while I do other things. 


The Oil makes the perfect face & body moisturizer but did you know it can also be put to use as a cleanser?

Use The Oil as a first step to remove makeup, sunscreen and general dirt and debris from the day then following up with The Wash to gently cleanse and balance the skin. 

Oil Cleansing can be beneficial for many skin types; dissolving excess oil, melting down dirt and grime for a deep clean that doesn't strip your skin but rather nourishes by infusing your skin with naturally antioxidant-rich plant oils and botanicals. 

We have had many a client tell us they love it as a hair oil!  So go ahead use it head to toe. 


The wonder of this product comes from the unique blend of soothing hydrosols, lightweight oils and reparative seaweed extract. This combination means it's a great multi-tasker for those with less time to dedicate to skincare.

It can be used post-wash to soften and prep for your next steps or applied on top of The Serum to seal-in moisture and protect skin.

Make sure you shake well each time you reach for this product to receive the full benefits! We like to spritz into the palm of our hand and gently massage into face and neck.  

This is the most unique product, because you can layer it or use it on its own. The scent is, well.. not bad but not pretty. We added no essential oils to this blend. So you will smell the seaweed. 



Layering The Serum with either The Lotion or The Cream on top and finishing with The Oil is our favourite night-time trio for extra-nourished skin.

This has been a top seller constantly, month to month people come back for it. The niacinamide is a multi tasker, combating hyperpigmentation, visibly minimize enlarged pores, tighten lax pores, improve uneven skin tone, soften fine lines & wrinkles, diminish dullness and strengthen a weakened surface. 

We have had people say they apply it on slightly damp skin, brush their teeth, then apply an face cream or even just an SPF after. 


Most people, including us, only use it in the evening to wash away the day but you are welcome to use in the am as well, since it is so gentle it should not dry out your skin. Every skin type can use this product. Did you know you can use in on wet skin or massage it on dry skin and wipe away with a wet cloth.

 You can add a little fine rice bran to turn it into an exfoliant or add a little oil to make it more like an oil cleanser. 


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