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Article: Let's Talk: Am I doing too much?

Let's Talk: Am I doing too much?

Let's Talk: Am I doing too much?

We have access to more knowledge on skincare than ever before and it's encouraging us to seek out a range of products, treatments and practices that promise to help protect and enhance the skin we're in.  

(There is more and more talk about how we are doing to much to our skin. The hype around "active ingredients" has made us all go a little crazy with the skincare regimes. Here is a great read from the NYT.)

Taking an interest in healthy skin is something we can definitely support however, the desire to frequently try new things without adequate research or knowledge on your own unique skincare needs could end up damaging your skin.

It's common for people in our community to come to us with compromised skin barriers due to the overuse of active ingredients. Experiencing sensitivity, an increase in breakouts, imbalanced oil production or dryness following the use of new products that could be due to a disruption on the skin's surface rather than a reaction (as many would think). 

With the amount of products on the market and the rise of Tik Tok and Instagram influencers sharing their experiences with a product, we all want to believe that it will work for us too but, the reality is that we all have unique skin types and having an understanding of your individual skin type will allow you to consume consciously. In addition to this, taking time to acknowledge any skin concerns you have will give you a better chance of purchasing products that treat these concerns and will help you to avoid fruitless consumption. 

Be mindful to limit the introduction of new products to one at a time (resist the temptation to overhaul your entire routine with multiple products as it will be harder to determine what works and what doesn't!) and allow 28-41 days of use, as this is typically how long it takes for our cells to turnover (I.E when we would hope to see if the product is beginning to work for us). The exception to this would be if you have an adverse reaction, in which case, stop using immediately. 

So, how do you figure out what you need? We've gone ahead and made a simple guide on what we should be protecting to help prevent skin issues based on various stages of life. Our skin will go through many changes throughout the years all affected by diet/lifestyle, hormone shifts and environmental stressors, to name a few. With that in mind, It's important we take care of our skin, doing what we can to keep it healthy from the inside out. The purpose of the guides below are to lay the foundations for your individual topical routine by age range when we feel overwhelmed by choice. 

In your 20's: 

The most important sentiment to carry with you during this time is: prevention and protection. In your 20's, the goal is to proactively preserve natural collagen and elasticity in skin, protect from environmental stressors and maintain skin health and balance. The best possible way to do this is to simplify your routine, It's easy to get carried away with a 20 step skincare routine full of buzz products but it may end up doing more harm than good in the long run. 

An uncomplicated routine that focus' on hydration, cleansing,  exfoliation, antioxidants and sufficient sun protection is a great set up that can be used for years to come, no matter your skin type.


In Your 30's:

As we approach our 30's, we begin to think about aging and whilst I do believe our society needs to begin embracing aging and celebrating the privilege of it, it's only natural that we want to maintain a youthful glow. At every age, we deserve to feel healthy and beautiful in our skin. 

The rules from your 20's still apply here and will continue to play an important role in your skin health but this is when we can look at incorporating products with ingredients that target any first-signs-of-aging concerns you may have. 

We don't want to get carried away at this point as we're merely looking at tackling the first signs of aging not reversing the clock.  

In your 40's 

Entering our 40's, we're looking to level up our existing routines and may want to tackle brightening, building collagen, and fine lines. 

This is when we can look into some more intense treatments and products if we feel called to. That being said, the power of regular facial massage can be hugely beneficial and can be done as part of your at-home routine. In traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of Gua Sha massage has been used for centuries, particularly for draining the lymphatic system allowing for blood circulation. Along with good blood circulation comes plumpness of the skin, a healthy glow and may help to reduce fine lines. 


In your 50s + 60s 

Consistency with facial massage and the incorporation of our brightening, collagen building products will help us through these years. If it's an option, try to lean into the self-care aspect of skincare at this stage in life as it shouldn't feel like a burden at the end of each day but a joyful and grounding experience! 

Maybe we will also reach for richer creams and facial oils to help support healthy, supple skin. To support the efficacy of the richer creams, we can also include deeply regenerative serums to penetrate the deeper layers of skin.

60's + Beyond 

Skin thins as we age and so, remaining diligent with rich creams and oils (especially at night when our skin does the most regeneration) will help us to balance this. 

We hope to have brought with us all the knowledge from the earlier years into our skincare regime at this stage and to try our best to remain consistent for smooth, supple skin well beyond our 60's. 



The beauty industry can feel very overwhelming and it's natural to feel like you have to keep up with it but it can be unsustainable to the average person. The primary focus should be on consistency with a routine that works for you and prioritizing health and wellness in the other aspects of our life where we can. We should feel empowered as we age, to choose what feels right to us and to be mindful of what our skin needs are as they ebb and flow with life. 

A solid lineup of MVP's is much more beneficial than a bathroom cabinet full of barely used products, as tempting as it is to buy into the buzz. If you feel lost or don't know where to start; book a skincare consultation with us or even indulge in a facial to gain knowledge on your skin and how to best care for it. 




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