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Article: Skincare By Age + Our Routines

Skincare By Age + Our Routines
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Skincare By Age + Our Routines

Aside from personal skin concerns (which will vary from person to person!) there are basic guidelines we can follow to support our skin through the different seasons of life. 

With so much information out there, it can be hard to know what to turn to. That's why we created our simple age range skincare guides.

You can find them in the drop-down "skincare" menu on our website. From there,  select your age group to see relevant skincare principles and some recommended products. 

Take what you need from these guides! They are intended to point you in the right direction and offer you suggestions.  

With this in mind, we get asked a lot about our personal skincare routines so Sunja and I thought we would share our realistic morning and evening regimes with you all. 

Laura's Morning Skincare Routine at age 29

I try to assess what my skin needs each day! I stay really consistent with ingredients that I know my skin loves. A hydrating serum, vitamin c, retinol, weekly exfoliation, daily facial massage and thorough cleansing are my mainstays but I change up the products every now and again. 

First up, splash my face with lukewarm water! Follow up with the Josh Rosebrook C Bright Complex for a healthy dose of antioxidant Vitamin C which helps protect and brighten. I practice Gua Sha massage every morning with the Noto Deep Serum for lymphatic drainage and some quick relaxation. 5-10 minutes is all you need.  

Last step is always SPF. I like the Forah Mineral Sunscreen

If I choose to wear makeup i'll use the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation in areas I feel like need some coverage. Manasi 7 All Over Colour in Rojizo or Alizarian for blush, and a little RMS Mascara.


Evening Routine:  Cleanse with the Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser then follow up with a serum to treat any skin concerns! Typically, I'll use the Facile Reverse Serum twice a week (on days i'm not exfoliating!) and the Monastery Aloe Serum on the other days. Sometimes, i'll even layer these two before moisturizing for maximum hydration. 

Then, I'll moisturize with the NatureofThings Reparative Moisturizer and use Egyptian Magic on lips and any other dry areas. 


Once-twice a week: XX Glycolic Gel for exfoliation and the Activist Manuka Honey Mask for basically everything (Cell regeneration, calming inflammation, hydrating, preventing breakouts...the list goes on). 


Sunja's Morning Skincare Routine at age 48:  

I Splash my face with cold water as I don't want to disrupt my skin barrier and I believe If I cleanse well in the evening, I don't need to wash when I wake up. 

I like to follow up with The Serum from our House Brand on damp skin and finish with our Lotion to moisturize, it's the perfect consistency for daily use and sinks right into skin. 

I don't often wear makeup but If I do, i'll reach for the Josh Rosebrook Tinted SPF to protect and give me a hint of colour, the RMS Mascara and maybe a bit of one of the Olio E Osso Balms which give a nice subtle wash of colour. 


Evening Routine: I'll use The Wash from our line to cleanse and will follow up with the Monastery Aloe Serum for deep hydration. If I happen to be wearing makeup or a lot of SPF, I may do a double cleanse with an Oil cleanser. But generally just The wash is great. 

Monastery Attar my last step, since it's so rich I find I only need a small amount and will massage it into my face and neck. It's definitely an investment but I find a jar last about 4 months and my philosophy is using minimal products but focusing on high-quality.

I often use The Cream under the Attar or on it's own. I tend to go back and forth between the Attar and The Cream in the winter months. I love to use both, but happy to use one or the other. 

I try my best to keep up with my GuaSha and LED Mask but it can be hard to find time, but its always worth it!

Another staple in my evening routine is Bend Beauty's Renew And Protect which i've been taking for years. Whenever I stop using this product, I see a noticeable change in my skin and without giving TMI, it helps keeps me regular!

Monthly: I am fortunate that I have access to monthly facials here at the spa which help me to care for my skin but I know not everyone has this luxury.  If I didn't, I would add in the Dr Loretta Micro Peptide Peel Pads once a week to help with exfoliation and skin renewal.  


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