Transitioning your skincare for Fall

Autumn is fast approaching and whilst we wish we could hold onto summer for just  little longer, the drop in temperature and a likely rise in rainfall tells us it's time to look at transitioning our skincare routine, tailoring it for Fall.

It's all in the simple steps: switching light summer staples to more nourishing, barrier-building products as our skin changes with the seasons. Skin being the largest organ in our body, is very intuitive and actually recognizes climate changes, reacting to regulate to its needs. With this, it's important we choose products that support it best through the changes. 

Dry heat from radiators or fireplaces, cooler temperatures, wind etc can wreak havoc with skin often causing dryness, itchiness and a dull complexion which may feel like quite the contrast from the plump, hydrated, sun-kissed skin we hope you experienced in the warmer months!

Luckily, with Vancouver having a moderate, oceanic climate, we don't need to worry too much about a drastic shift in temperature or harsh conditions but we do need to assess our skin's needs and will most likely to make some changes to keep it looking and feeling it's best. 



Try to cut back on exfoliants during cooler months. With increased oil production, sweat, sunscreen amongst other things we may have felt it more necessary to slough off dead skin cells in the summer time. But when the temperature takes a dip, we can limit the frequency of exfoliation. Focus on gentle exfoliants that help to fortify the skin barrier as they brighten and refine texture and limit these products to once a week. Of course you can increases how often you exfoliate depending on your unique skin type but It's important to remember the delicate balance and avoid over-doing it. 

Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner - Promoting a visibly refined, bright, and hydrated complexion. The unique, ph-balanced blend acids—clarifies and exfoliates, while sea kelp and Irish moss impart a hydrated glow. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera leave skin feeling supple, never stripped.



For those with very sensitive skin, you could opt for an enzyme exfoliant that tends to lean on the gentler side whilst still getting the job done. 

Living Libatiions Green Papaya + Lime AHA cleanser/mask Fruit-derived AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) from papaya, pineapple, lemon and lime enzymes gently exfoliate skin while hydrating cells and supporting elasticity.



Those light-weight lotions from Summer days past may require shelving in favour of some richer, more emollient moisturizers that restore the lipid barrier. As mentioned, Vancouver's temperate climate lends itself to a slower transition and it may not be immediately necessary to reach for those rich creams, but you will definitely want to consider it come late fall. The exception to this would be those with oily or blemish prone skin, typically a lightweight moisturizer will be more suitable to aid in balancing oil-production. 

Jao Face Creme - A reparative night cream clinically tested to target the specific concerns of thinning skin, fine lines and dehydration. Let this lock in moisture whilst improving elasticity and plumpness!



In addition to this, it will be worth bringing any hydration-boosting serums from your summertime routine along for the ride. We can benefit hugely from the  hydrating serums in the cooler months (even more so than in summer) as their molecular weight is less so they are able to reach the deeper the layers of the skin. Always be sure to apply serums to damp skin to ensure that there's no time for moisture to escape!

The Wilds - Simple Serum

The Wilds - Simple Serum: Designed to simplify routines. This 3-in-1 serum boasts supercharged hydration, works to even skin tone and balances PH levels for a fully hydrated glow. 




The suns ray may not be as strong at this time of the year but they still cause damage and its important to maintain the habit of wearing daily SPF,  whatever the weather. 

Find one you like and layer it on, approximately 15 minutes before sun exposure. 

Sun Juju Hydrating SPF 50 - Formulated for face and body, the anti-oxidant packed SPF protects from head to toe. Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, it acts as a base to makeup and once worked into the skin, offers a healthy glow.
Carve out some time for a cozy evening in and treat yourself to a weekly mask. Our selection ranges from collagen boosting sheet masks to olive pulp mud masks so we'd suggest reading our blogpost all about masks if you're stuck on which one would be right for you and your lifestyle. 

But as a general rule, at this time of year, we're looking to prevent any loss of moisture and re-balance the skin so here's a starting point. 

Activist Manuka Honey

Activist Manuka Honey Mask - The wonders of this high-grade independently tested Manuka Honey are certainly not lost on us. With powerful anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, healing and regenerative properties, this pure Manuka mask repairs skin on a cellular level, calm inflammation and reduces the appears of scars and hyperpigmentation. Works as a mask, spot treatment and cleanser!




The foundation of any skincare routine should be hydration, nourishment, protection and prevention and this remains true, regardless of the season. Just as we alter the clothes we wear and the foods we eat with each changing season, we should be taking time to assess our skin needs as this will be the key to keeping it happy and healthy no matter the weather. 

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