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Gua Sha - Green Jade

Sale price$30.00 USD

A versatile beauty tool with origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine to massage the face and body. Made from 100% Green Jade, this Gua Sha stone boosts circulation, helps with essential lymphatic drainage (removing toxins from the body) and promotes a sense of well-being through deep relaxation.

This tool can be used on face and neck with a flat side to massage the face.  

How to use: 

For the face, apply to cleansed skin with light pressure starting from the neck, chin, jawline moving upwards and out. Sweep across the cheeks in an upwards motion and under the eyes, move across the eyebrows upwards across the forehead towards the hairline. Ensure the stone is used with a serum or face oil to help it to glide over skin without pulling. 

We recommended looking up a video tutorial for all Gua Sha massage to ensure you're following the correct protocol for the most noticeable results.  

*Please note that due to the natural composition of this tool, variations from the images are very likely. We have included images of a range of shades that you may receive but bear in mind, these are not representative of the wide spectrum of shades Jade has and will differ from stone to stone. 

Ingredients: Pure Green Jade - a symbol of purity, harmony and balance. 

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Gua Sha - Green Jade Sale price$30.00 USD